Satan not today

Gitarrist Gábor Illy hat meine Band MEZZANIN eingeladen, in Ungarn live zu spielen. Also habe ich begonnen das Repertoire des Albums „I Wissad Ned Was Fööd“ mit englischen Texten zu versehen. Aus Ostbaunhoof Hotöö wurde „Satan Not Today„. Bitteschön, hier ist der Text:

The cards will be reshuffled
down in a souterrain
four fellas round the table
you won’t concieve the game
everyone cheats everybody
they all can only lose
there is just one intention
they wanna pluck the goose

Weird people their presence is uncanny
crooked lads you’ll never see them pray
you get me that’s for sure – safe as the amen
but, Satan, not today

Joe is sixty-something
he is resting in his bed
the pretty litte strumpet
wears a wig in red
he asks „What are you dreaming?“
she stammers „you’re so kind“
and thinks: „you’ll get my body
but you will never see my mind!“

Philanderer – wicked ruthless bugger
holy woman with a soul of clay
you’ll never get her – for she’ll go to heaven
but, Satan, not today

Longhair in the dosshouse
been writing day and night
waste-paper basket flooded
he’ll never make it right
Look at his sad and worthless life
no chance for a mended choice
thank’s god there is a silencer
the shot will make no noise

Travelers who do not need a suitcase
they have got a free passage to hell
you’ll get them soon – but you will have to wait for me
no, Satan, not today


Photo by Mervyn Chan on Unsplash – Nachbearbeitung: Der Biersepp

Link zum YouTube Video des Songs OSTBAUNHOOF HOTÖÖ




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